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Vinicius, who came off the bench, scored the only goal of the game. Real Madrid defeated Valladolid with difficulty and won two consecutive league victories. After trying two different formation structures and frontcourt configurations, Real Madrid's performance on the offensive end is still very struggling. Zidane instructed the players to seize every opportunity to try to speed up during the game. This is a positive signal to solve the problem of weakness.


Last season, Real Madrid did not take advantage of Valladolid's confrontation. They were tied by their opponents in the first round of their away trip, and in the second round they barely scored three points by "reversing" at home.


After the offseason adjustments, the lineups of the two teams have changed significantly. As the only new face in the main lineup of the defending champion, Erdgau was placed high hopes by Zidane. In the first two rounds of competition, Zidane's changes led to the constant change of Erdgau's partner, and the Norwegian is still adapting to this rhythm. Zidane arranged for Isco to replace Erdgau in this campaign, and Jovic started for two consecutive rounds, continuing the game against Betis.


In the absence of a pre-season warm-up match, Zidane needs to use the relatively favorable recent schedule for tactical debugging, in order to find the answer to the problem of powerlessness before the first round of the national derby (2020.10.26). In the two leagues that have ended, Real Madrid's formation structure and main force configuration have changed greatly. Zidane strives to maintain the balance of midfield and striker power, trying to make use of frontcourt players on the basis of ensuring sufficient control.

在没有季前热身赛的情况下,齐达内需要使用相对有利的近期战术战术调试时间表,以便在第一轮国家德比(2020.10.26)之前找到无能为力的问题的答案。 。在已经结束的两个联赛中,皇马的编队结构和主力配置发生了很大变化。齐达内(Zidane)努力保持中场和前锋力量的平衡,在确保充分控制的基础上,尝试利用前场球员。

Marcelo and Ramos played at the same time, Modric, F. Valverde and Isco all have good running ability, Real Madrid's ability to play in the backcourt is guaranteed, and Valladolid is not in the front Too much energy was wasted in the field pressing. Sergio's tactics are conservative. The visiting team's strategy is to stock up the midfield, focus on limiting the assists of Marcelo and Odriosola, and cut off the transportation line behind Benzema and Jovic.


Real Madrid's strategy in the battle of positions is to drive the right from the left, Benzema participates in the midfield pass, and Jovic has repeatedly taken the ball outside the penalty area. In the first game against Real Sociedad, Zidane did not use Casemiro and F. Valverde, but arranged for Kroos and Modric to guard the center and hand over the command of the offensive front to Odegaard. The combination of Modric, Casemiro and F. Valverde in this campaign has a clearer division of responsibilities, and the three players are also in their own good positions and rhythms.

皇马在位置争夺战中的策略是从左向右驱动,本泽马参加中场传球,乔维奇多次将球带出禁区外。在对阵皇家社会的第一场比赛中,齐达内没有使用Casemiro和F. Valverde,而是安排了Kroos和Modric保卫中锋并将进攻线的指挥权移交给Odegaard网上百家乐APP手机版。莫德里奇(Modric),凯斯米罗(Casemiro)和瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)的组合在这项运动中职责分工明确,三名球员也处于各自的良好位置和节奏。

The 4312 system gave the side midfield more tactical freedom. Modric was active in the attack on the left, and F. Valverde on the other side was also a fish in water. F. Valverde can not only participate in defense, but also play a role in the advancing stage, and has the ability to be a wingman with double forwards. Zidane's tactical play is based on possession of the ball and looking for opportunities to speed up on this basis. F. Valverde's running ability and forward consciousness can play an important role in both stages.

4312系统为中场提供了更多的战术自由。莫德里奇(Modric)活跃在左边的​​进攻中,另一边的F. Valverde也是水中的一条鱼。 F. Valverde不仅可以参加防守,而且可以在进阶阶段发挥作用,并且有能力成为双前锋的边锋。齐达内的战术战术是基于控球和在此基础上寻找加速的机会。 F. Valverde的奔跑能力和前瞻意识在这两个阶段都可以发挥重要作用。

With the deepening of the game, Real Madrid has established absolute control of the game and began to focus on speed and impact. Specific methods include increasing partial one-foot passes, and completing the attack through counter-grabbing and fast out of bounds. Real Madrid’s two best scoring opportunities at halftime were both with the participation of Jovic. Benzema’s performance in the ball phase seemed a bit procrastinated. He not only missed several shots, but also overlapped with Isco many times. , Affecting the team's offensive rhythm.

随着比赛的不断深入,皇家马德里已经确立了对比赛的绝对控制权,并开始专注于速度和冲击力。具体方法包括增加部分单脚传球,以及通过反抢和快速出界来完成进攻。皇马在中场休息的两个最佳得分机会都是在乔维奇的参与下。本泽马在控球阶段的表现似乎有些拖延。他不仅错过了几枪,而且多次与伊斯科重叠。 ,影响球队的进攻节奏。

In the first game as a guest at the Royal Sociedad, Zidane's adjustments under the stalemate were a bit slow, and he did not use up his first substitution place until the 69th minute. In this campaign, Zidane learned his lesson. He played the back hand in the 57th minute. Real Madrid's formation changed to 433 after three substitutes. Vinicius and Marcelo continued to suppress the opponent on the left. Assen Theo can not only cooperate with the center to attack the penalty area, but also participate in the organization and series of the frontcourt.

在皇家社会的第一个比赛中,齐达内在僵持状态下的调整有些慢,直到第69分钟他才用尽自己的第一个换人位置。在这次竞选中,齐达内吸取了教训。他在第57分钟打出了反手。经过三场替百家乐网投平台补,皇家马德里的阵型改为433。 Vinicius和Marcelo继续压制左侧的对手。阿森·西奥(Assen Theo)不仅可以与中锋合作进攻禁区,而且可以参加前场的组织和比赛。

Vinicius quickly became the focus of the field. After consecutive passing errors, the Brazilian finally opened the door to victory for Real Madrid in a chaotic battle. When the wing breaks through, the dexterity is not effective, and the ability to cross and shoot is still not up to the main force standard. Real Madrid benefited from the vitality of Vinicius and also suffered the negative impact of its rough technical ability.


In addition to the left-wing double stars (including Hazard) not giving strength, another reason that prompted Zidane to shelve winger play is because the right-wing main candidate is difficult to give birth. From bilateral forwards to wingers + midfielders, from four forwards to single arrows, Zidane tried many types of striker combinations after resuming work last season, struggling to find suitable right-wing candidates. Bell and James Rodríguez "out", Real Madrid's striker has an obvious effect of losing weight, but the starting candidate on the right still seems to have no answer.


In the process of Real Madrid's 10-game winning streak to the top, Rodrigo made significant progress, which gave him the opportunity to serve as a starter in the first game of the season. It is a pity that Rodrigo played mediocre in the 70 minutes of the game, and the young man's growth has shown signs of stagnation.


Asensio was active after coming off the bench in this campaign, completing 5 passes and 1 shot in just 30 minutes, showing a good sense of connecting and attacking goals. The characteristics of Asensio and Rodrigo are very similar. With the offensive pattern of the left driving the right, whether he can get more performance opportunities still depends on the performance of his teammates on the left.

阿森西奥在替补席上出场后很活跃,在短短30分钟内完成了5次传球和1次射门,显示了良好的连接感和进攻性。 Asensio和Rodrigo的特征非常相似。在左路进攻模式向右驱动的情况下,他能否获得更多的表现机会仍取决于左路队友的表现。

Defeating Valladolid is just an unremarkable battle in Real Madrid's multi-line journey, and its strategic value cannot be compared with the civil war in the Western Super League. However, just like the previous visits to Real Sociedad (4231/4222) and Real Betis (4312), Zidane often uses such low-profile matches to conduct tactical trials to prepare for the upcoming battle.


At the beginning of his tenure, he made a high-profile statement that “the BBC is the main force as long as it is not injured.” From the end of the double crown season, the diamond 442 was the main focus. In the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League elimination phase, the bilateral avant-garde 442 system was frequently used. Zidane's first term Tactical thinking has experienced a large swing. Thanks to his enviable talent pool, Zidane can freely change his tactical focus and deal with different situations. Whether it is based on midfield transmission control, or focus on strikes, "Galaxy II" can complete the task well.

在任期开始时,他高调声明:“只要没有受伤,英国广播公司就是主要力量。”从双冠赛季结束以来,钻石442是主要关注点。在2017/18年度欧洲冠军联赛淘汰阶段,经常使用双边前卫442系统。齐达内的第一个任期战术思维经历了很大的波动。由于他令人羡慕的人才库,齐达内可以自由地改变战术重点并应对不同情况。无论是基于中场变速箱控制还是侧重于打击,“ Galaxy II”都能很好地完成任务。

With the departure of Morata, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Bell and others, Zidane is no longer facing "happiness troubles", but the embarrassment of not having suitable players available. Real Madrid's "swing back and forth" at this time It seemed more like a helpless struggle. In addition to gaining valuable 6 points, Real Madrid's biggest gain during the two consecutive victories was to realize the importance of speeding up the attack. Zidane used the exaggerated way of personally participating in the game to convey this message to the players.


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