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网上百家乐APP手机版|表现出色仍难以留队 开拓者名记称安东尼不在球队未来拼图中

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Last year today, the 19-20 regular season officially kicked off. At that time, Carmelo Anthony was only a member of the free market. His career seemed likely to end early at any time. However, Anthony finally got a chance in the Trail Blazers. He played 58 times throughout the season, averaging 15.4 points per game, and helped the Trail Blazers finally qualify for the playoffs.

去年今天,常规赛19-20正式开始。当时,卡梅隆·安东尼(Carmelo Anthony)只是自由市场的成员。他的职业生涯似乎随时都可能结束。但是,安东尼终于在开拓者队中获得了机会。他整个赛季出战58次,场均得分15.4分,并帮助开拓者队最终晋级季后赛。

There is no doubt that Anthony's performance last season proved that he can still gain a foothold in the league. He is by no means as bad as his previous performance with the Rockets, but after a successful season, Anthony will now face the problem of belonging again. .

毫无疑问,安东尼上赛季的表现证明了他仍然可以在联盟中站稳脚跟。他绝不像以前在火箭队的表现那样糟糕,但是在一个成功的赛季之后,安东尼现在将再次面临归属问题。 。

The 36-year-old Anthony will not retire. He still has oil in his tank, but where is his future? No one can say for sure now. It’s a good choice to stay with the Trail Blazers, but negotiations between the two sides are inevitable. Trailblazers correspondent Jason Quick said in the article, “Anthony will not consider The issue of money, he considers more the issue of location and adaptation, if the Blazers general manager, Lillard, McCollum can persuade Anthony to play 17-22 minutes off the bench, then perhaps they will reach an agreement, but with At the same time, I think Anthony will seek to get more playing time from other teams."

现年36岁的安东尼不会退休。他的油箱里仍然有油,但是他的未来在哪里?现在没有人可以肯定地说。留下开拓者队是一个不错的选择,但双方之间的谈判是不可避免的。开拓者的记者Jason Quick在文章中说:“安东尼不会考虑金钱问题,他会更多地考虑位置和适应性问题,如果开拓者总经理利拉德·麦科勒姆可以说服安东尼在替补席上打22-22分钟,那么也许他们会达成协议,但与此同时,我认为安东尼将寻求从其他球队获得更多的比赛时间。”

Quirk's meaning is very obvious. For Anthony now, he only hopes to continue to play in the NBA and continue to enjoy the joy of basketball. Even the championship is not his most important thing. From this perspective, the trailblazer of last season It is undoubtedly one of the best teams for Anthony. Before signing Anthony, the Blazers were in the toughest moment of the season. They were even unavailable at the third position. This also made Anthony quickly joined because of him. Can get enough playing time. Throughout the season, Anthony has to play 33 minutes per game. Looking at the entire league, at the age of 36, there is only Anthony’s friend LeBron James, who can be said to be the Blazers. It has been perfect in dealing with Anthony.

Quirk的含义非常明显。对于现在的安东尼来说,他只希望继续打NBA,继续享受篮球的乐趣。甚至冠军也不是他最重要的事情。从这个角度来说,上赛季的开拓者无疑是安东尼最好的球队之一。在签下安东尼之前,开拓者队处于本赛季最艰难的时刻。他们甚至在第三位置都不可用。这也使安东尼因为他而迅速加入。可以获得足够的播放时间。在整个赛季中,安东尼必须场均上场33分钟。从36岁的整个联盟来看,只有安东尼的朋友勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James),可以说是开拓者队。与安东尼打交道非常完美。

But after the start of the new season, the situation of the Trail Blazers will also undergo some changes. Their injured Collins, Hood, and the younger Ariza will all return next season, and they will occupy many of the 3 and 4 positions. In this case, Anthony’s expected playing time will be much less than the 33 minutes in the 19-20 season. Under such circumstances, whether Anthony can accept it will be a big question mark. Before the Rockets, Anthony was also reduced. Because the status declines faster after the bench, after all, for the past league's top scorer Anthony, the gap on the bench for him is really big.


In addition, in terms of money, Anthony will also consider how much. At this time last year, he just wanted to seek a contract, but after such a good season, Anthony certainly hopes to get another substantial contract. But the current salary situation of the Trail Blazers is very unsatisfactory. The annual salary of Lillard and McCollum will exceed 60 million next season. With Ariza and Nurkic, the Trail Blazers are already unable to give A good contract.


To put it simply, although Anthony and the Blazers have a very happy cooperation, and his relationship with Lillard and McCollum is also very good, but Anthony wants to continue to play in the Blazers to a certain extent, unless he can have a psychological A big change.


Of course, judging from Anthony’s performance, it is not difficult to find a contract in the NBA. At least it is much simpler than at this time last year. The expert mentioned the New York Knicks when analyzing Anthony’s next home , This is the team that Anthony used to dominate. There is a very suitable living environment for Anthony. At the same time, the Knicks now have sufficient salary space. Their lineup strength can also allow Anthony to have more playing time. The last point After the poor performance for several consecutive seasons, the Knicks also need Anthony, a popular old future to hold the line.


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