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Someone’s story is like a poem


When it comes to Atletico No. 9, no one will forget the story of Torres. He is suave and suave, and a smile can fascinate thousands of girls; he destroys the city and is energetic, and carries the youth of the boys with one goal; he adds honor, like a winner in life and tastes the joy of the world , He was scarred again, struggling to fulfill his talent. His story began in Atletico Madrid, and it was attributed to Atletico Madrid before ending.


"When I was a kid, there were 24 people in my class, 23 of them all supported Real Madrid, but I don't, I only love Atletico Madrid." Countless Atletico fans are proud of Torres because of this sentence, maybe From the beginning of the story, Torres’ life was destined to be associated with red and white. His grandfather was a fan of Atletico Madrid. He entered the Atletico Madrid youth academy at the age of 10. At the age of 12, he blasted 55 goals in 30 rounds in the youth echelon competition. From the very beginning, Torres was given the name "Golden Boy".


On May 27, 2001, at the age of 17 years and 68 days, Torres ushered in his debut career at Atletico Madrid, playing off the bench to create the youngest debut record in team history. In six years, he grinds and grows, and in six years, he turns into a butterfly. With the passage of time, countless glorious moments began to define Torres. He is not only the Spanish "golden boy", but also a well-deserved winner in life. He was the captain of Calderon, but waved goodbye to this beloved land in 2007.


When Torres returned to Madrid again, he was an old boy in the past years, and the fallen leaves returned to the roots. All the misses disappeared, leaving only the last pure love. The 126 goals in 393 games are not enough to define Torres's two-stage career. He failed to die in Atletico, but the story has been fixed for eternity.

托雷斯再次返回马德里时,他在过去的几年里是个大男孩,落叶重归根深。所有的思念消失了,只剩下了最后的纯洁的爱。 393场比赛中的126个进球不足以定义Torres的两阶段职业生涯。他没能在Atletico死,但是这个故事已经确定了永恒。

Someone propped up the blood spine


The same is Atletico No. 9, Vieri's story is a different style. The devastating Italian tank, despite only playing for the Sheets for one season, won the La Liga Golden Boot with 24 goals in 24 games. Had it not been for the powerful Apennines waved and summoned, Vieri's Iberian legend could have been written longer.


As one of the representatives of the South American heroes, Falcao has also supported Atletico Madrid's passionate backbone. In 2011, the 25-year-old Colombian joined the Sheet Corps with a record worth of 40 million, and since then began to kill the Quartet like a beast. In 91 games in two seasons, Falcao scored 71 goals and won the Europa League, European Super Cup and Copa del Rey with the team. He is Calderon's tiger, so Calderon forgets the pain of losing Aguero and Diego Forlan.

作为南美英雄的代表之一,法尔考还支持马德里竞技队的热情骨干。 2011年,这位25岁的哥伦比亚人以创纪录的4000万美元的身价加入了Sheet Corps,从那以后开始像野兽一样杀死四方。在两个赛季的91场比赛中,法尔考赢得了71个进球,并与该队一起赢得了欧洲联赛,欧洲超级杯和国王杯。他是Calderon的老虎,因此Calderon忘记了失去Aguero和Diego Forlan的痛苦。

Compared with Vieri and Falcao, Villa is not so domineering, but with a touch of magnificence. When Calabash Baby joined Atletico, she was already 32 years old. In the 2013/14 season, Villa wore a bed sheet No. 9 for the team to destroy the city. 15 goals are not brilliant, but they left traces of feelings in the history of the team. After completing the wish of the last World Cup, Huluwa finally went to repeat it and released the American League.

与维埃里(Vieri)和法尔考(Falcao)相比,维拉(Villa)并不是那么霸气,而是带有宏伟的气息。当Calabash Baby加入Atletico时,她已经32岁。在2013/14赛季,维拉(Villa)穿了一张9号床单,供车队摧毁这座城市。 15个进球并不辉煌,但它们在球队历史上留下了痕迹。在完成了上届世界杯​​的愿望之后,Huluwa终于去重复了这一愿望并发布了美国联赛。

Someone becomes a hurried passerby


There are a lot of Atletico No. 9 players, and there are also many rushing passers-


For example, the star of the Galaxy and former Real Madrid coach Solari briefly stopped for a season and a half from 1999 to 2000.


For example, Torres' former replacement Luis Garcia only left the embarrassment of scoring 2 goals in two seasons.

例如,托雷斯(Torres)的前任替补路易斯·加西亚(Luis Garcia)仅在两个赛季就打进2球的尴尬境地。

For example, Mandzukic, who has a reputation as a fighter, wandered in Calderon in the 2014/15 season, but after all, he flew far away because of tactical mismatch.


Another example is the disappointing Kalinic, who failed to play a key role, but became a burden to the team.


For example, Morata, who just returned to Juventus, unfortunately failed to take over the baton from Costa.


Some people are proud, others are disappointed. The story on the football field can never be predicted. Behind the interweaving of brilliance and passion, those passers-by also form part of Atletico Madrid's history.


Some people look forward to second life


Going around and going back and forth, in this variable 2020, Atletico Madrid's No. 9 jersey has finally been put on Suarez, and the Uruguayan is about to start his second life. In response, the player himself wrote on social media: "I will prepare for new challenges with the enthusiasm of a professional player."


Regarding Suarez’s transfer, former Barcelona teammate Messi said: “You deserve a better ending, not being swept out in this way.” Including Diego Fran, Vidal, Ter Stegen, France Many stars including Bregas have expressed their blessings and support for Atletico Madrid's new No. 9. The original MSN combination has completely become a thing of the past, and Suarez will create a new legend at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.

关于苏亚雷斯的转会,前巴塞罗那队友梅西说:“你应该得到一个更好的结局,不要以这种方式被淘汰。”包括迭戈·弗兰(Diego Fran),维达尔(Vidal),特尔·斯特根(Ter Stegen),法国在内包括布雷加斯在内的许多明星都表示了对马德里竞技新9号的祝福和支持。原始的MSN组合已完全成为过去,苏亚雷斯将在马德里创造一个新的传奇。万达大都会体育场。

Mo Chou has no confidant in the way ahead, and no one in the world knows the king. Suarez has inherited a great number, and soon, he will usher in his debut of the linen army. When the passion of the South American hero meets the iron and blood of Simeone, what kind of poem will be written in Iberia?


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