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In the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG had an encounter. This game, which was originally related to the top of the group B of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, ended up in a different way after the game. On the hot search, aroused heated discussions in the media and fans.


In this game, Shanghai SIPG scored with Hulk's point shot and finally beat Beijing Guoan 1-0, securing the first place in Group B in advance. In fact, according to the competition system and related regulations of this season, the points and results of the first stage will not be brought into the second stage. That is to say, as long as the first stage of the game is over, the top four seats in the group can be obtained. Successfully advanced to the second stage of the championship group. So even if Guoan loses the game, in theory, it is not a big deal. After all, if you want to hit the league championship, it depends on the performance of the team in the second stage.


In this game, referee Zhang Lei had a total of 3 controversial penalties. The first time it appeared in the 4th minute of the game, when Beijing Guoan had a free kick opportunity, Zhang Xizhe took the penalty shot in front of the goal. The penalty area was in chaos and the ball was shot flying, but I believe that careful fans will also find that SIPG player He used to The arm was suspected of touching the ball during the header fight, but in the face of Bakambu's complaint, the referee still said there was no problem after watching VAR.


The second time was in the 56th minute of the game. Wang Gang made a bottom pass from the right. Vieira was knocked down by Mu Yi in the penalty area. After a long VAR confirmation, the referee Zhang Lei said again that there was no penalty.

第二次是在比赛的第56分钟。王刚从右脚底下传球。维埃拉在禁区被穆百家乐网投平台毅击倒。在经过长时间的VAR确认后,裁判员Zhang Lei再次表示没有处罚。

The third time was in stoppage time. In the 4th minute of stoppage time, Zhang Yuning intercepted the ball from outside the penalty area. Then he shot with his left foot. The ball hit Wang Ziming's body and bounced into the net. The referee said the goal was invalid after watching the communication with the video assistant referee.


Of course, this is not the first time controversy has emerged in the Beijing-Shanghai war. After checking the information, it was found that in the last 3 years, there were 5 contests in disputes between them.


In the Beijing-Shanghai China Super League match on September 30, 2018, Beijing Guoan also lost to Shanghai SIPG with one goal. In the 45th minute of the game, Augusto went straight into the penalty area and Vieira followed up and scored the goal, but the referee then signaled that the goal was invalid. However, the playback shows that the penalty for offside is suspected to be a misjudgment.


In the Beijing-Shanghai battle on May 26, 2019, Shanghai SIPG 2-1 Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. In this game, Yang Shiyuan and Zhang Xizhe had a head-to-head meeting at the beginning, and the two returned to the game after a short recovery. In the 14th minute of the game, Zhang Yuning single-handedly scored and was blown offside, but from the playback point of view, this should be a misjudgment.

在2019年5月26日的京沪战役中,上海SIPG 2-1北京中和国安。在这场比赛中,杨世元和张希哲在开局之初就进行了面对面的会面,两人在短暂恢复后又回到了比赛中。在比赛的第14分钟,张允宁单手得分并被吹越位,但是从回放的角度来看,这应该是一个错误的判断。

After Chi Zhongguo struggled for the header and was hit by the opponent's head, the Guoan fans were even more angry. In the 50th minute of the game, Guoan's left corner kick passed into the penalty area and the ball hit the sea arm. The referee But chose to turn a blind eye and let the game continue.


On October 19, 2019, the Beijing-Shanghai battle was as scheduled, but in this match, Beijing Guoan 0-2 Shanghai SIPG ended in a loss again. However, there was still a controversial penalty in this game. In the 49th minute of the game, Yu Dabao fell to the ground while competing with Li Shenglong. Lu Wenjun passed and Li Shenglong scored with a header. After the goal, the referee faced the opponent in a face-off for a suspected foul. Let the opponent pick up and score a goal. In the 55th minute, Augusto broke through the diagonal plug from the left, Zhang Yuning received the ball from the edge of the penalty area, leading a low shot and scored, but the line referee raised the flag to signal offside and the goal was invalid. After communicating with VAR, the referee maintained the original judgment. The playback shows that Zhang Yuning's offside is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.


Even when the two sides played against each other for the first time this season, Beijing Guoan lost 1-2 to Shanghai SIPG, but in this game, the penalty of Golden Whistle Maning is still controversial. In the 36th minute of the game, Vieira passed the ball through the right side of the front court. Chen Binbin kicked Wang Gang down on the penalty zone line while defending. The referee Ma Ning immediately pointed to the penalty spot and then ran to the sidelines to watch the video playback. After confirmation, Ma Ning did not point to the penalty spot again, signaled that the foul was outside the penalty area, and showed Chen Binbin a yellow card. This sentence is obviously difficult to convince the public.


In fact, with the increase in investment, the influence and attention of the Chinese Super League have become larger and larger domestically and even internationally, but as the influence has grown, some problems in the Chinese Super League have gradually become prominent and enlarged. Among them, the most noteworthy issue is the ability of referees in the Super League.


Since 2018, the Chinese Super League has caused many heated discussions and controversies due to referee's penalties, which has directly affected the popularity of the Chinese Super League. Among them, not only did Paul Bento, the former coach of the Chongqing team in 2018, shouted "I hope the referees will be treated equally" at the press conference; there was also Fu Minghe, who was a sensation in the 2019 season and was reported by Luneng fans because of the disputed penalty. In the Yu-Shanghai duel, Shi Zhenlu was controversial; and in this special season, Dalian, Shenhua, Shenzhen Kaisa, Beijing Guoan and many other teams have complained because of referee enforcement.


It can be said that in recent years, the Chinese Super League has been greatly improved in terms of the influence of the game and the ease and viewing of the game. Some fans even proudly call the slogan that the Chinese Super League is the sixth largest league in the world. However, while being proud, we also have to face up to the fact that there is indeed a problem of uneven levels of professional competence in our referee team.


As the Xinhua News Agency said in a previous review article, “Chinese football needs all-round progress, not only the players playing on the field and the referees who enforce the law on the field, but also the football associations, clubs and clubs managed off the field. The majority of fans." "Controversial penalties in the sport of football will not disappear from now on. For referees, it is the only way to improve their moral standards and professional capabilities; for the Chinese Football Association, it is necessary to further strengthen the management of the referee team. Referees who make mistakes should be dealt with seriously and help to improve, and strive to create a fair playing environment for Chinese football. From the perspective of fans, you may wish to enlarge your horizons, not double standards or extremes, and truly love your team. Guardian and supporter of


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